Nethack - Falcon's Eye
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  • mouse-driven interface (keyboard play also supported)
  • high-res, isometric graphics with real-time lighting
  • ease of play: autopilot, tooltip descriptions of game objects, and more
  • digitized sound effects
  • MIDI soundtrack (listen to some samples)
  • sound effects and keyboard commands are customizable
  • retains all NetHack features


System Requirements

For all versions:
  • 386 or greater (Pentium recommended)
  • Display card capable of 800x600 resolution, 256 colors
  • Mouse
  • 6 megabytes disk space
For the Windows version:
  • Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4 or 2000
  • DirectX 3.0 or greater
  • DirectX compatible display adapter
  • For sound effects and music: DirectSound compatible sound card
For the Linux and BeOS versions:
  • SDL libraries, available from
  • In Linux, MIDI and MP3 music are supported through external, configurable players
For the DOS version:
  • VESA compatible display adapter
  • Sound effects and music not supported

Expensive Camera

Screen Shots

All screen shots are taken in 800x600 resolution, and scaled down to 640x480. Click on a thumbnail image to see the full-sized screenshot.

Mierlin the valkyrie and her kitten at the dungeon entrance. Dark corridors, favourite lurking ground for monsters. Guillaume the knight stops by a sparkling fountain.
A sample scene from the introduction. Icons provide quick access to inventory, spellbooks, etc. Lost? Then check the automap.
Last updated 4th May, 2001 by Jaakko Peltonen.