"Diabolika" is a debut full lenght albumrelease from this Finnish rock sensation. It features 13 powerful tracks (of which 3 instrumentals) all with the unique "Lefthanded" -sound. The sound mixes surf music, acid rock from early 70s, punk, atmospheres of agent- & B-class films. "The Doors meet the Trashmen" or something like that. The album is creatively produced by Janne Haavisto (of Laika & The Cosmonauts).

Discography:  Larry & The Lefthanded EP 1994
              From 0-20 to 40-116 And Back With Larry & The Lefthanded EP 1994
              Larry & The Lefthanded featuring M.A.N. 7" 1995
              Larry & The Lefthanded 7" 1995
              Diabolika CD/LP 1996

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