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AALTO University (former Helsinki University of Technology, TKK, HUT)

School of Engineering

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Postal address: P.O.Box 12100, FIN-00076 AALTO, FINLAND

Visiting address: Rakentajanaukio 4 A, 02150 Espoo, 3. floor, room 353

Tel: +358-50-4073490, Tel: +358-50-5250457

Email: iisakki.kosonen at aalto.fi   

Skype: I_Kosonen

AALTO contact page                                                                        

Docent (Intelligent Transportation Systems)
Dr.Sc.(Transportation Engineering)
M.Sc.(Electrical and Communications Engineering)
Teaching Research Scientist
ITS research group leader

Full CV
Research summary
Teaching summary
Systems development

Recent research activities (PhD-projects)

        SIMBe - Smart Infrastructures for Electric Vehicles (TEKES)

        4D-Space - Intelligent and learning public spaces (AALTO MIDE)

        FOTSIS - WP7: Evaluation of traffic safety using V2I (EU,FP7)

        Nanoscopic Simulation - Simulation of the driving behavior from safety point of view (Academy of Finland)

        ICT3D - Using laser scanning in measurement of traffic and transportation infrastructures (Academy of Finland)

        Project Summary

Systems development

        DIGITRAFFIC  Real-time situation awareness for the ITS-services

        FUSICO Intelligent traffic signal control by using fuzzy logic

        HUTSIM  Microscopic traffic simulation,  Examples from Helsinki , Civil engineering prize of the year 2001

        Traffic control game in the Science Center Heureka

Fields of Interest

       The future development of the transportation system with aspects of information, energy, safety, security, environment and infrastructure
       Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)
       Smart electric mobility and charging infrastructures
       Traffic modeling and simulation (including real-time applications and people flows)
       Intelligent traffic control and management
       Applications of intelligent computational methods: fuzzy logic, neural networks, genetic algorithms etc.
       4D-modeling of the urban spaces (outdoors, indoors)