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NetHack is one of the oldest computer role-playing games still played and developed. The latest version of the game, NetHack 3.4.0, was released in March 2002.

Some players may dislike the game's character-based graphics. Newer versions of NetHack feature tile-based, somewhat prettier graphics, but I decided to go even further. Thus, I decided to create a new, graphics-intensive look for NetHack.

Falcon's Eye is a mouse-driven interface for NetHack that enhances the visuals, audio and accessibility of the game, yet retains all the original gameplay and game features. Take a look at some screenshots. I call the combination of the game and the interface NetHack - Falcon's Eye.


  • 22th March, 2002:
  •   NetHack 3.4.0 has been released! This means that the next version of Falcon's Eye (in development) will be based on NetHack 3.4.0.

    Note: you may able to use even the current version of Falcon's Eye with NetHack 3.4.0. This may require minor additions to NetHack 3.4.0 source files. Look through the 3.3.1-based source code distribution of NetHack - Falcon's Eye, find the Falcon's Eye specific parts and add them into the 3.4.0 code. A more in-depth explanation may appear here later.

  • 3rd August, 2001:
  •   The new message boards are now available! Find them at the forum page.
  • 28th July, 2001:
  •   Back from the conference. New version of Falcon's Eye coming soon. Also, the JackChaos forum seems to be permanently down, so I'll look for a new forum.
  • 13th July, 2001:
  •   Notice: I (Jaakko Peltonen) will be out of reach for a week, since I'm attending the IJCNN'01 conference in Washington, D.C. I'll return on July 20, so expect to see many updates after that. Meanwhile, happy NetHack'ing!
  • 12th July, 2001:
  •   Added some precompiled Linux distributions to the links page.
  • 12th July, 2001:
  •   The message forum is temporarily down. Meanwhile, you can use the forums at the SourceForge site (follow the link from the download page).
  • 3rd July, 2001:
  •   Falcon's Eye 1.9.3 released.
  • 20th June, 2001:
  •   Falcon's Eye 1.9.2 released.
  • 20th June, 2001:
  •   Download site is has been restored.
  • 18th June, 2001:
  •   Download site is temporarily down, it will be restored as soon as possible.
  • 27th May, 2001:
  •  Falcon's Eye 1.9 released.
  • 16th May, 2001:
  •  Added another MP3 music track to the music page.
  • 9th May, 2001:
  •  Added a page of MP3 music tracks.
    There is also a link on the download page.
  • 4th May, 2001:
  •  Upgraded the look of this site.
  • 2nd April, 2001:
  •  Falcon's Eye 1.7 released.
  • 6th February, 2001:
  •  Source code to Falcon's Eye 1.5 released.
  • 30h January, 2001:
  •  Falcon's Eye 1.5 released.
  • 19th October, 2000:
  •  Source code to Falcon's Eye 1.2 released.
  • 16th October, 2000:
  •  Falcon's Eye 1.2 released.
    Last updated 20th August, 2005 by Jaakko Peltonen.