Writing Instructions



Checklist for writing instructions:

  1. Do your instructions include a description of the audience and situation for the instructor/reader? (This portfolio task requires that you specify both of these!)
  2. Is there a need to list the tools required for the procedure?
  3. Are the steps in your procedure well structured without any gaps?
  4. Have you defined the terminology you use? Have you used clear, simple language?
  5. Do your instructions include relevant graphics/ diagrams?
  6. Have you made good use of headings?
  7. Do you need any special notices or warnings?

Also see the following two excellent guidelines for writing instructions:

M. E. Guffey, "How to Write Instructions," [Online document], 27 April 2001, [cited 2002 October 17], Available HTTP: http://www.meguffey.com/BCPP4/Supplements/Supplement_A/sectionA4.html

D. A. McMurrey, "Online Technical Writing: Instructions," [Online document], [cited 2002 April 2], available HTTP: http://www.io.com/~hcexres/tcm1603/acchtml/instrux.html#checklist



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