Picture of Ronja at Grote Markt in Brussels, May 2004 Ronja Addams-Moring
(née Päivi Hyvärinen)
Student of Computer Science and Engineering
Main interests: Open Source Software, Socio-Technical Systems, Security & Safety, Information and Communication Networks, Adult and Higher Education
Aalto University School of Science and Technology
Software Business and Engineering Institute
Major: Software Engineering
Minor: User Interfaces and Usability
Street address: Rastilantie 20 A 4
Postal/Zip code and city: FI-00980 Helsinki
State and union: Finland, EU
Mobile phone: +358-40-502 8050
Skype: ronja-am
Ronja.Addams-Moring  at iki.fi

Core professional interests

Scholarly and scientific work


I have taught various courses at TKK, for the first time in 1990, but mainly 1998 - 2005. I have also taught commercial courses, mainly about Internet technologies and network security, while I was working at Nixu Oy 1993 - 1997. Additionally, I have taught scientific research and writing skills at the National Defence University of Finland.

Courses I have been responsible or co-responsible for

Courses I know something about, although I have never been their responsible teacher

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