Some areas of current research (follow links to see reviews of some recent developments):

* Metasurfaces for full control over reflection and transmission (Younes Ra'di and Viktar Asadchy)
* Transmission-line metamaterials (Joni Vehmas)
* Controlling the electromagnetic fields with simple structures (Costas Valagiannopoulos)
* Asymmetric hyperbolic metamaterials (Igor Nefedov and Costas Valagiannopoulos)
* Determining polarizability tensors for an arbitrary small electromagnetic scatterer (Viktar Asadchy)

Some older topics:

* Enhancement of evanescent fields and near-field imaging
* "Invisible" materials and "cloaking" of objects
* New ways to realize negative refraction: Chiral particles
* Microwave absorbers
* Electromagnetic modelling of composite materials and thin layers
* New electromagnetic materials with strong spatial dispersion
* Artificial materials with negative permittivity and permeability

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